Are You Reaching Your Goals?

It is almost the end of the year.  How are you doing towards accomplishing your 2016 goals?

For some of you, my question is exciting.  You are doing great!  You have already met your goals for the year!  Or, perhaps, you are close and you know that a year end push will get you over the top!

For others, however, I know that not making your goals again is painful to think about.  You have worked  hard but things have not come together as you thought.  You are frustrated.  You may be looking at your  circumstances and looking for somewhere to place the blame.  Is it your timing?  The economy?  Your  location?

Have you also looked inside?  While external factors certainly do play a part in our success, very often,  our thinking plays an even bigger part.  Ask yourself the following questions:

What was I afraid to try?

How did I procrastinate?

Was I open to new ideas?

What do I believe I can’t do?

Your answers to those questions will help you examine those thoughts, habits and fears that stand in your way.  Many of those are the deep-seated programming of your subconscious mind.   You are not even consciously aware of all of them.

Hypnosis can help discover and release the negative thoughts.  It is a way to take more control of what you are thinking and doing as a result of all those subsconscious thoughts.  Deep relaxation and visualization of the possibilities can be extremely helpful in moving you forward.

I love to help people move in the direction of their goals and release the frustration of feeling stuck.  I do that through hypnotherapy alone or my new Envision Success program that combines the accountability of coaching with the powerful visualization techniques of hypnosis.  If you are feeling stuck and want to take more control of your thinking, call me for a free consultation at 925-368-8398 or e-mail [email protected]

Here’s to your success!

Norene Lowry

Happy World Hypnotism Day!

With New Year resolutions at the top of everyone’s mind, the timing is perfect to celebrate a unique holiday.

World Hypnotism Day, January 4, 2017, was established to help educate the general public of the truth and benefits the natural process of hypnotism has to offer anyone. By contrast to what most people expect from movies and television, hypnosis is a natural process experienced by thousands each year to help produce expedient and effective personal changes.

The international event helps to update the perceptions of hypnotism from that of mind control and dark characters as seem in fiction into a helping modality which has empowered thousands of people to quit smoking, lose weight, improve their sleep, overcome fears, relieve pain, and much more.

Hypnosis is known to be a successful approach for positive and healthy change, as continually reported in major newspapers, magazines, and on television. What better way could there be to begin the New Year? Remove the struggle and battle for healthy change and live happier and healthier… once and for all.

To learn more about hypnosis and how it can help you, call Norene Lowry at 925-368-8398 or e-mail [email protected]

Alternative thoughts

Alternative Thoughts

We have heard a lot about “alternative facts” lately but you also may be experiencing  alternative thoughts.  Don’t worry, this post is not about politics, but about the number and kinds of thoughts we may have that are preventing us from reaching our goals.

What are your goals for 2017?

To find the love of your life?

To have the best year ever in your business?

To get that promotion?

Sometimes when we think about our goals, the first thing that comes to mind is why we believe that they may be difficult or impossible to achieve.

Thoughts such as the following  come up and, sometimes, stop us in our tracks:

I am not smart enough

I don’t have enough will power

I am too shy

If we buy into these thoughts and we give up on our goals, they then become the reason or, more likely, the excuse for not being more successful.

Often these thoughts are deeply ingrained.  Our habits of thinking have turned into beliefs about ouselves.   Hypnosis can help change and release those negative beliefs.  The relaxed state of mind of hypnosis triggers the imagination and allows us to release negative patterns and to develop positive thoughts and gain more clarity about the truth of our capabilities.

Call 925-368-8398 for a free consultation or e-mail  [email protected]

Relax and revive

Relax and Revive: Techniques to Break the Cycle of Stress and Anxiety

Are you suffering from insomnia due to stress and anxiety?

Does your life feel like an unending cycle of busy-ness?

Do you feel that you have no time to take care of yourself?

If so, this class is for you.

Join Hypnotherapist Norene Lowry of Pathway Hypnotherapy and Health Coach Alison Blair with doTERRA as they help you:

Learn techniques to calm yourself during moments of anxiety and stress.

Try some amazing essential oils and immediately feel how they could benefit your stress and anxiety.

Sit back and relax for a guided meditation to calm your nerves and take away the stress of the day.

Find out how hypnotherapy and essential oils can help calm everyday stress and anxiety.

When:  April 27, 6pm to 7:30pm

Where:  Cambiati Wellness Programs, 3446 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette CA 94549

For more information and for tickets click here.