Is it Magic?

I always tell my clients that hypnosis is not a magic wand. I can’t “fix” someone who is 50 pounds overweight even though I can make the process of losing that weight easier.  In the case of weight management, hypnosis focuses on the thinking about food; reducing cravings and eating for health.

I recently read somewhere that hypnosis can be a magic wand in the sense that the changes in the subconscious mind begin to happen quickly. However, the analogy I like best is that hypnosis and the process of hypnotherapy is more like a snow ball rolling down hill and picking up more snow as it goes. Hypnotherapy is a cumulative process which becomes more and more effective with multiple sessions and frequent listening to the recordings that I make during a session.

I very often recommend, at least, three sessions in order to get significant results.  At our free consultation I will explain the process more fully.  Call me at 925-368-8398 to schedule.

Have a great day!