Stress, Eating and the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us.  Starting with Halloween and running all the way through New Years, we have so many occasions to celebrate.  Fun, right?

For some people, this is the most stressful time of year.  They are supposed to be happy, but they are not!  They are supposed to enjoy the company of family, but they don’t!  They feel that they need to impress friends and family with gifts and the buying frenzy causes financial stress.  They go to parties where they over indulge in food and drink.  Expectations are high but the reality is often disappointing.

Before becoming completely overwhelmed and overtaken by the “spirit of the season”, I would advise an inward look and, of course, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for that purpose.   I recommend a three session program.  The program can be completely customized for the individual but usually includes the following:

Stress reduction

Sticking to a healthy eating plan

Releasing negative emotions around relationships with family

If you are interested in reducing stress during this time of year, please call us at 925-368-8398 for a complimentary half-hour  consultation to explore how hypnosis can help.