About Me

Hi, I am Norene Lowry, Certified Hypnotherapist and Founder of Pathway Hypnotherapy.

I am often asked how and why I became a hypnotherapist so I will tell you a bit about my journey.

Growing up, I was terribly shy.  In addition by the time I started 5th grade, I had gone to 4 different elementary schools.  I was always the new kid and had a very hard time making friends and connecting with other kids.  I also grew very quickly so that by the time I started high school I was taller than most of the teachers.  Of course, I was teased about my height.  I often wished I was invisible.

To me the best way to ensure that I avoided attention  was to always do the “right” thing—to follow all the rules.  Outwardly, I did well with that strategy but inside I had no confidence in my own abilities and did not trust myself very much.  I did well in school, went to college and then began work in the corporate world.

About Norene Lowry

I worked in the corporate world for nearly 25 years— moving up the ladder to middle management because I was always the good employee.  In the mid-90s, the company wanted to downsize so offered early retirement incentives to those of us with many years of service.  I decided to take advantage of the incentives and start my first business.

I bought a franchise business and plunged into the world of self-employment.   The rules I had followed as a corporate employee did not apply and I was more on my own than I had ever been.  I starting taking self-improvement workshops and working with coaches to help me feel more confident and in control.  I met a hypnotherapist in a networking group, did several sessions with her and fell in love with the process.  She helped me clarify my thinking and feel more confident about myself and my ability to make good decisions.

Eventually, I realized that the business I was in was not something I really enjoyed.  I made a list of the parts of my business that I did enjoy and began looking for a way to add more of that enjoyment into my life.   I really love working one to one with people, helping them feel better about themselves.  I looked at a few different ways of doing that but because of my positive experience with hypnosis; I felt that it was the right path for me.   I became certified in 2009 and know that I made the right decision for myself and for the people I have been able to serve.

What do you want more of in your life?
Do you believe that you can truly attain your dreams?
Pathway Hypnotherapy can help YOU realize all of your dreams!

Hypnosis is an excellent way to use the awesome power of your mind to release the negative, subconscious blocks and achieve the positive results that you desire. Hypnosis TRANSFORMS your thinking, allowing you to TRANSFORM your life.

The Mission of Pathway Hypnotherapy

By providing methods to access the subconscious mind and gentle guidance to assist clients in making the changes they want, Pathway Hypnotherapy is dedicated to transforming people’s lives by increasing self-confidence and inspiring belief in amazing possibilities.

Pathway Hypnotherapy is based in Pleasant Hill, California. We help clients both in person and via telephone sessions. Our goal at Pathway Hypnotherapy is to help you to achieve your goals - whatever they may be.

Some of our more popular programs include:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Reduction
  • Overcoming Fears

Performance enhancement in:

  • Business
  • Sports
  • Academics
Pathway Hypnotherapy programs are customized for each individual.