It is almost the end of the year.  How are you doing towards accomplishing your 2016 goals?

For some of you, my question is exciting.  You are doing great!  You have already met your goals for the year!  Or, perhaps, you are close and you know that a year end push will get you over the top!

For others, however, I know that not making your goals again is painful to think about.  You have worked  hard but things have not come together as you thought.  You are frustrated.  You may be looking at your  circumstances and looking for somewhere to place the blame.  Is it your timing?  The economy?  Your  location?

Have you also looked inside?  While external factors certainly do play a part in our success, very often,  our thinking plays an even bigger part.  Ask yourself the following questions:

What was I afraid to try?

How did I procrastinate?

Was I open to new ideas?

What do I believe I can’t do?

Your answers to those questions will help you examine those thoughts, habits and fears that stand in your way.  Many of those are the deep-seated programming of your subconscious mind.   You are not even consciously aware of all of them.

Hypnosis can help discover and release the negative thoughts.  It is a way to take more control of what you are thinking and doing as a result of all those subsconscious thoughts.  Deep relaxation and visualization of the possibilities can be extremely helpful in moving you forward.

I love to help people move in the direction of their goals and release the frustration of feeling stuck.  I do that through hypnotherapy alone or my new Envision Success program that combines the accountability of coaching with the powerful visualization techniques of hypnosis.  If you are feeling stuck and want to take more control of your thinking, call me for a free consultation at 925-368-8398 or e-mail [email protected]

Here’s to your success!

Norene Lowry