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As a hypnotherapist, Norene really listened to my concerns/issues. She asked me what kind of results I'd like to see and what new habits I'd like to have. After talking about these, she gives me insights into things that I otherwise would not think about and she incorporates all the things we talk about in my hypnotherapy session. She was very patient with me especially during the times when I needed to change directions in how I want to accomplish things. Norene also records our sessions and I find that this is a great service to have especially if I want to strengthen my new habits during the weeks that I don't see her.

 After only 1 session with her, I notice little things start to happen. I started to see that I follow my new habits easily without having to fight with my mind on whether to resort to my old ones or not. I truly believe that anyone who believes they can change their life by changing their mind can benefit from her services. I highly recommend Norene for hypnotherapy.

- Anna


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Norene was great and helped me to relax while I am driving, especially at night on the freeway.  Her method is very calm and relaxing and it really works!  I did not think I would be able to be “hypnotized” but she did it the very first time.  Thanks Norene.

- Marie

Meeting with Norene helped me unlock the doors that were keeping from walking forward and advancing myself. She helped me see the confidence that was always there, but wasn’t being used. I was able to breakout of the box, set stretch goals and go for them. Without Norene’s help, I don’t think I would have been able to set my eyes on this promotion and achieve it!

- Corey