Do Your Own Hypnosis

January 4 is World Hypnotism Day!  To help you understand and harness the power of hypnosis to improve your life, I have done a video with some simple instructions for self-hypnosis.

Watch the video for more.


Holiday Special

Just in time for Black Friday, I am offering a special price of $47 on a single session–almost a 60% discount.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help reduce stress during the busy holiday season.

The special is limited to 1 session per client.

Watch the video for more.

Is Menopause Driving You Crazy?

Menopause can be difficult time of life for many women.  Not only is it a reminder that we are getting older, but the changes that we are undergoing physically as wel as emotional are challenging.

Click on the link below to get a PDF of an assessment of how well you are doing in dealing with these challenges.

Hypnosis can help with many of these challenges.  Contact me for a free consultation.